Move Confidently…

This is my second blog that I have created, the first is currently being hosted on a garbage website that keeps crashing. I will be transferring the bulk of my work here with the hopes that these servers are more reliable. As best as I can estimate I have 14 full articles posted, with an average of 1000 words per, with a review of Hemlock Grove in progress that is already looking like it might double that number. So that’s around 15 thousand words written on topics ranging from Watchmen to Brokeback Mountain, the films Biutiful, Zero Dark Thirty, Serenity, and an experiment in real time blogging involving the movie Twilight and copious amounts of wine.

This is a transitional period of my life where I will be taking my writing seriously to a degree that I am able find some sense of fulfillment about it, some sense of purpose. To clarify, I will still write from the heart and have as much fun doing it as ever, but I want to share that fun with as many people as possible. Maybe get paid for it, that would be great. And it is important for me to do this now as I will be unemployed in the near future, what better way to fulfill the stereotype while having something sexier to say at a bar than ‘I’m between jobs at the moment…’.

I am between jobs at the moment, one of them was fun and interesting but had no future. The other is fun and interesting and may not have a future, but it is what I love to do. And that’s enough for me to move confidently in the direction of my dreams.

Anthony Florez, 5/11/13

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